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The PRO-series ensures a safe, easy to maintain spa experience for professional usage whether it is at a hotel or a rental home. 


The largest of the PRO-series offers relaxation for up to 7 people.

In addition to three regular seats, the spa includes four captain’s chairs that massage the entire body, taking the bather on a journey of imagination beyond the high seas.


Thanks to the versatile massage functions of the different sized jets, not even the most demanding user is left cold.

Size: 230 x 230 cm

Number of people: 7

Safe to use
Easy to maintain

Noviteks Pro - Spas are equipped with sink paneling factory-installed, that enables an easy maintenance even though the spa is installed sunken into a terrace.

In addition, the actual control panel is installed inside the pool, so you can be sure that the temperatures and other settings stay exactly as you want.

luosto pro 3.png

Technical information

Heater: 3 kW + 3kW

Number of people: 5

Size: 190 x 190 cm

Dry weight (kg): 255

Height: 93 cm

Upright seats: 3

Water capacity (l): 1000

Electrical connection: 2 x 16 A (230V)

Lounge seats: 2

Number of massage jets: 18

Filter pump: 0,2kW

Massage pumps: -

Color options

Inner surface color


Siding color

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