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The Pallas outdoor hot tub is the perfect choice for those who require versatility from their hot tub.

Size: 210 x 210 cm

Number of people: 6

Exclusive default features:

  • Modern touchscreen

  • More powerful massage pumps

  • Separate filter pump

  • Push buttons for bubble pumps

Versatile design

With one lounge seat, a captain’s chair with shoulder massage jets, a shallower seat for the little ones and a bench for three people, the hot tub provides excellent bathing pleasure to suit every taste.

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Novitek pallas 3 (1).png

A powerful massage

The tub’s three massage pumps guarantee a versatile and effective massage irrespective of the chosen seat.

Technical information

Heater: 3 kW

Number of people: 6

Size: 210 x 210 cm

Dry weight (kg): 350

Height: 96 cm

Upright seats: 5

Water capacity (l): 1300

Electrical connection: 3 x 16 A (400V)

Lounge seats: 1

Number of massage jets: 61

Filter pump: 0,2 kW

Massage pumps: 3 x 1,5 kW

Color options

Inner surface color


Siding color

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