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The spacious Levi outdoor hot tub indulges as many as seven bathers at a time. The wide corner couch that can fit up to five people provides a freedom of choice that can not be found in any other hot tub. 

Size: 230 x 230 cm

Number of people: 7

Exclusive default features:

  • Modern touchscreen

  • More powerful massage pumps

  • Separate filter pump

  • Push buttons for bubble pumps

Space to relax

The tub includes two captain’s chairs equipped with shoulder massage jets and their own massage pumps. The wide corner bench for five people provides the kind of freedom of choice not available in any other hot tub.


A powerful massage

The user-friendliness of the large hot tub is increased by separate control keys for switching on the massage pumps.

Technical information

Heater: 3 kW

Number of people: 7

Size: 230 x 230 cm

Dry weight (kg): 380

Height: 102 cm

Upright seats: 7

Water capacity (l): 1700

Electrical connection: 3 x 16 A (400V)

Lounge seats: -

Number of massage jets: 58

Filter pump: 0,2 kW

Massage pumps: 3 x 1,5 kW

Color options

Inner surface color


Siding color

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