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Gari Decor brings you the feel of luxury and magic through nature's own elements. We provide our clients ethanol, gas and electric fireplaces, spas and saunas. Our experts are here to design the products based on your personal wishes & needs with over 20 years of experience. 

Gari Decor serves its customers in Southern Spain - Marbella, and the surrounding areas of Costa Del Sol.


Our products have been used in numerous projects on every continent!


It's not a coincidence that we have taken a part in complex projects and been the first ones in the world to install a bioethanol fireplace on a yacht! Numerous commercial and public projects have confirmed the advanced safety of our products and service.

We are here to provide you the best!


To us, fire and water are elements of interior design, giving your home a soul.

When talking about a home or a holiday villa, we want to bring you the beautiful natural golden flames and luxury of premium spas and saunas with great comfort of use and maximum safety.

Together we design and select the perfect products for your needs. To Gari Decor customer's expectations and satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do.


To ensure our clients complete satisfaction, Gari Decor always listens to your individual needs and finds a way to meet them. We are here to bring you the Scandinavian feel of luxury wherever you might desire it. 


We guarantee you the most professional and competent service at all times during your customer journey.




Nearly a decade as an entrepreneur and long experience in importing these design products. After countless projects for business premises and private homes, the secret to happy customers is always keeping them at the heart of what I do.


I'm here to continue a journey that started in the North, ensuring that the people of Costa del Sol have the access to the best fireplaces, spas and saunas on the market.


Gari Decor's vision is to bring you the magical beauty and comfort through nature's own elements.

Our high-end products fit every occasion and space, and are always made to fit the customer's needs.

By providing fire & water elements we complement your luxurious design.

Contact us and tell us about your vision!

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